Let the blogging begin :)

As some of you may have caught on, I’ve decided to fully live out a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl singing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror. In July, I will be making music my full-time profession, passion, and focus. Just got to the point where I realized, “if not now, when?” So I thank you for reading this, and for being interested in my life enough to do so (or just bored at work, and hey I’ll take that too! 🙂

This blog will be a chance for me to reflect on what I learn as I put myself out there musically, and the sharing is just part of it all. Where is the meaning in a life without sharing? 🙂

It’s funny to look back on the evolution of this dream and realize that every moment was a step in this direction. My grade 5 performance in the production “Oliver Twist” (I was orphan # 3 I believe), learning my first 3 guitar chords at 13,  locking myself away in the basement with my Jewel CDs, guitar, and karaoke machine. Singing “stairway to heaven” as my first live – audience performance with my grade 10 guitar class, teenaged talent shows all over the GTA, recording less than polished music with my cousin Chad and calling them EPs, years and years of cover songs and noisy bars with Rob, JP, Mahones, Rach, and O’Dork (where is that guy these days anyway?!).  Singing for friends and family as they walked down the aisle or danced their first dances, and so many campfires and living room jams. And of course, years and years behind closed doors, hermitting with my guitar and writing whatever came up, forming sentences, finding chord flow, and formulating it all in attempt at capturing a feeling, and conveying something more than likely beyond words. The combination of focus, chaos, sidetracks, intensity, self-doubt, hilarity, and absolute goofiness that one experiences along the way, And one day all of a sudden, we just feel strong enough to proclaim ourselves artists…I am starting to feel that day may only come when we have moved beyond ourselves enough to see that it’s all art. And nothing, surely, is ever that serious.  And yet it feels so real when it does. And that’s why we sing.

So, I’m moving back into my Van at the start of July, and driving across the country with my first full-length album entitled “To the stars we’ll return” (available June 30th, 2011,  @ www. amycunninghammusic.com, and cdbaby.com). I’ll be satisfying this musical gypsy soul by playing three shows a week between Tofino, BC and St. John’s, Newfoundland. And then, once I’ve crossed this gigantic, beautiful country from coast to coast, spending time with family and friends along the way, I’m going to turn around. And drive back through the US singing until I reach California. And I probably won’t stop there. Unless I’m tired. And then, hey. I’m in California. So I’ll just stop and smile and breathe for a while.

This tour for me will be about a lot of things. I’ve been accused of being a dreamer; unrealistic and idealistic, and often downright crazy. For me life is a chance to be colourful and imaginative, and I just can’t shake this feeling that anything is possible if I just believe. So I guess that’s what this tour represents. That idealism does not have to die with adolescence nor does it need to look one certain way. We all have dreams. So off I go. To live these crazy dreams and to see what I can see.  Maybe reach out and touch a few people with the messages that I sing about, learn some things, strike up conversation about life choices, world views, and what it’s all about for each of us. Make a few people uncomfortable, and a few more extremely happy that there is another soul out there believing in the endless possibilities. To live whimsically like the Piscean I am, yet grounded like the papa’s girl I’ll always be.

I’ll keep this blog updated, and try to strike a balance between fairy-talesque writings and actual, “down-to-earth” happenings.  And I hope to see your faces at some of my shows! I wish you all the very best, and will keep you updated if you so wish to follow this adventure 🙂

Thanking you again for your support,



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  1. Barbie
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 01:56:49


    It was great having you over to our fire pit across from Randy’s. Awesome tunes and good times. Hope to see you next year and back at our fire pit. You are always welcome. Barbie and Rick.


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