Life on the Road (Is an every day adventure).

I’ve decided that I’m not sure what is more daunting; organizing a 9 month world tour, living out said tour and realizing it’s utter absurdity (in a good way), or trying to sum up the first 5 months of it into one blog. At the moment, choice ‘c’ is winning.

I’ve tried to start writing a bunch of times already, and just cant seem to organize my thoughts/feelings/reflections into something linear. And so, I’ve decided to break it up into a few different entries, addressing various aspects of my current (did I mention absurd?) life. Thanks for reading!

Let’s start with the #1 question I’m asked (in incredulous fashion) about my lifestyle: Where do you shower?!? Well, how about a choose your own adventure game? To get the audience involved, and to help you understand one part of living in a van ☺
You wake up in the morning and first take note of where you are (because after driving around for 3 months, some mornings, you honestly just can’t remember). You look out your left passenger window, and catch sight of the giant yellow crown and the calming “Best Western Plus” symbol. The calming part being that you know there is already fresh coffee on inside the lobby 😉 (side note: thank you to Best Western for your lack of questioning of an unknown hobo just tryin to live her dreams. For real, ha ☺)
You get up, stroll in, and head toward the restroom with your toothbrush and facewash. You’re feeling great. You just got 8 hours sleep in your cozy little nest on wheels, and after a quick coffee and maybe some fruit, you’re just about ready to start your day. But not without a shower first. Ahh, yes. The first challenge of the day. Where to shower? You smile, because you know that this is part of the fun of life on the road. Getting creative.

You’re in Southern California, and you’ve checked the wave report. Swell is 1.5 feet, and it’s windy. But the sun is shining, and the weather is sweet. You’ve also taken note that the hotel you are currently parked at has a swimming pool. With shower. AND hot tub. Mmm, sounds excellent. BUT, your conscience says maybe you should ask first? You’ll have to wrestle yourself with that one. And you could really use a work out of some sort today, so you should probably do that before you get all cleaned up. Should you go swimming? The local pool is only a toonie today! Or head to the gym or to a yoga class? Free pass for your first drop in. Sweet.
So now it’s decision time. Choose your own adventure! Do you:

a) Head to the beach, surfboard in hand…play around, despite the ‘meh’ ness of conditions , thank your lucky stars that you get to live by the ocean for free (relatively), and grab a cold shower at the beach after you’ve splashed around for a bit?
b) Meander into the hotel pool like you totally belong there, grab a hot tub to relax you for the rest of your day, swim a few laps to get your heart rate up, and then shower once you’re finished?
c) Head to the local gym, get a day pass and take full advantage. Yoga class followed by some cardio, a steam to finish, and then a nice hot shower. Feeling good, and ready to take on the world.
d) Hold off entirely, and wait to see how it all unfolds. You never know what’s coming next! (I’d like to take this moment to thank all of the people I’ve met on the road who have invited me into places of residency for meals, showers, and warm night sleeps. Your kindness has truly given me so much faith and happiness that humans look out for one another and the universe provides xoxo)

So there you have it. Mystery solved. Showers are always out there, so please don’t let fears of when and where stop you from living out your adventures!! Haha.

Until the next one,
Love you guys!



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