Vancouver Island Music Awards- Nominee Showcase April 20th

Please join us on April 20th in Cumberland,BC for an all ladies showcase for the Vancouver Island Music Awards! Recently nominated Brodie Dawson, Annie Becker, and Amy Cunningham will be performing original songs in the round, and we’d love some company!VIMA Showcase







Hi all- Take a few minutes to listen to the first single from my new album ‘In Between’!

The message is clear- Let’s stop our current cycle, and head down a new path.




‘In Between’ release date December 7th, 2012

Hello all!

A quick note to announce that the official release date of ‘In Between’ will be December 7th.

Pre-order your copy by clicking the PayPal button below! The album will also be available through Itunes, Bandcamp, and most major online retailers beginning Dec. 7th. Thank you for your support! I am so happy with and proud of this album, and I hope you enjoy 🙂



‘In Between’, Dec 2012

Okey Doke Studios…my kinda place.

Here in San Fran, CA recording my sophomore album, and couldn’t feel more at home. Working with the ridiculously talented Philbillie Milner and Jenny Kerr (

With 11 tracks and 9 days to work, long days in Jenny’s beautiful home at Okey Doke Studio.

Can’t wait to share this project! Really proud of it. Hope everyone is having a beautiful October, and see you out there soon!


Back on the Grid

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new website! It will be an ongoing project as I add more pages, media, and content so please check back for upcoming tour dates, events, and information on my second album “Rest” to be released late 2012.

It’s been ages since I’ve updated and so much has happened. After months of travel and over 65 shows all over Canada, the US,Japan,and Mexico, I decided to slow down for a few months to recuperate. In that time I’ve been sleeping and reflecting on everything I’ve been learning, as well as making some plans for the future.
And what better place to slow me down than British Columbia, Canada? 🙂

Some busking in the Victoria Harbour during the week, and performing at beautiful wedding ceremonies on the weekends has kept my creative spirit going so far this summer. Pretty soon I’ll be booking shows on Vancouver Island and the Greater Vancouver area with some awesome instrumental accompaniment, so please check the website as I update my events page!

Thanks again for all of the support and see you soon,


Life on the Road (Is an every day adventure).

I’ve decided that I’m not sure what is more daunting; organizing a 9 month world tour, living out said tour and realizing it’s utter absurdity (in a good way), or trying to sum up the first 5 months of it into one blog. At the moment, choice ‘c’ is winning.

I’ve tried to start writing a bunch of times already, and just cant seem to organize my thoughts/feelings/reflections into something linear. And so, I’ve decided to break it up into a few different entries, addressing various aspects of my current (did I mention absurd?) life. Thanks for reading!

Let’s start with the #1 question I’m asked (in incredulous fashion) about my lifestyle: Where do you shower?!? Well, how about a choose your own adventure game? To get the audience involved, and to help you understand one part of living in a van ☺
You wake up in the morning and first take note of where you are (because after driving around for 3 months, some mornings, you honestly just can’t remember). You look out your left passenger window, and catch sight of the giant yellow crown and the calming “Best Western Plus” symbol. The calming part being that you know there is already fresh coffee on inside the lobby 😉 (side note: thank you to Best Western for your lack of questioning of an unknown hobo just tryin to live her dreams. For real, ha ☺)
You get up, stroll in, and head toward the restroom with your toothbrush and facewash. You’re feeling great. You just got 8 hours sleep in your cozy little nest on wheels, and after a quick coffee and maybe some fruit, you’re just about ready to start your day. But not without a shower first. Ahh, yes. The first challenge of the day. Where to shower? You smile, because you know that this is part of the fun of life on the road. Getting creative.

You’re in Southern California, and you’ve checked the wave report. Swell is 1.5 feet, and it’s windy. But the sun is shining, and the weather is sweet. You’ve also taken note that the hotel you are currently parked at has a swimming pool. With shower. AND hot tub. Mmm, sounds excellent. BUT, your conscience says maybe you should ask first? You’ll have to wrestle yourself with that one. And you could really use a work out of some sort today, so you should probably do that before you get all cleaned up. Should you go swimming? The local pool is only a toonie today! Or head to the gym or to a yoga class? Free pass for your first drop in. Sweet.
So now it’s decision time. Choose your own adventure! Do you:

a) Head to the beach, surfboard in hand…play around, despite the ‘meh’ ness of conditions , thank your lucky stars that you get to live by the ocean for free (relatively), and grab a cold shower at the beach after you’ve splashed around for a bit?
b) Meander into the hotel pool like you totally belong there, grab a hot tub to relax you for the rest of your day, swim a few laps to get your heart rate up, and then shower once you’re finished?
c) Head to the local gym, get a day pass and take full advantage. Yoga class followed by some cardio, a steam to finish, and then a nice hot shower. Feeling good, and ready to take on the world.
d) Hold off entirely, and wait to see how it all unfolds. You never know what’s coming next! (I’d like to take this moment to thank all of the people I’ve met on the road who have invited me into places of residency for meals, showers, and warm night sleeps. Your kindness has truly given me so much faith and happiness that humans look out for one another and the universe provides xoxo)

So there you have it. Mystery solved. Showers are always out there, so please don’t let fears of when and where stop you from living out your adventures!! Haha.

Until the next one,
Love you guys!


So life is beautiful and full and full on beautiful.

And so busy!! In an almost-always-way. and the days when it’s super overwhelming, that’s why we have amazing friends  (xoxo)

As of right now I have 3 to 4 shows per week booked between now and October 1st,. The month of October is still currently in the works. I have spent much time dreaming this all up and bringing it to life, but have not yet wrapped my head around the fact that it is actually happening!

Just over a week ago I released my album “To the stars we’ll return” to a great crowd in Vancouver.  It was so good to see everyone. Friends Devon and Keenan joined me on banjo and violin, and the new and collaborative energy on stage was one of the highlights of my night. They will be joining me at a festival coming up near the end of the month in the interior of BC and we’re pumped!

I’m learning so much every day, and it’s quite overwhelming. It’s hard to stop and take the time to reflect with so much learning happening every day, although I feel like my past experiences have prepped me well to handle everything to a degree that is just about manageable.

Some friends have joined me on the road, and have been “on tour” with me since Ucluelet (west coast Vancouver Island). I played one of my favourite venues 2 Saturdays ago, The Black Rock Resort lounge, and it felt so good to be there. The lounge sets a perfect tone and the people are always so beautiful. It was great to see so many familiar faces, and meet some new friends from as far as Germany as well as from all over BC and the states. It’s tourist season here and that means lots of interesting people exploring BC.

Close friend and musical accomplice Rachel McBride joined me for a set at an intimate unplugged show at Wild Heather Books last Sunday. Some sunshine and story telling, and it felt really good to be there. I’m enjoying all of the different types of shows, from intimate to rocking out, and am learning more every day about going with the flow of a room and changing things up as I go. Teaching me once again that the ability to adapt and surrender is so important to a fun show/life.

I also can’t thank friends and family enough for all of the support while I find my feet and establish a process. Elizabeth Markulin for her patience and help with all things art and web design, Laura Girardi and my mom for helping me with mail outs of different kinds, Rachel, Michelle, Julie and Laura for being amazing door/merch organizers, and everyone who has bought the album so far, offered words of encouragement, or come out to a show. I can’t express enough how much it all helps.

I’m currently laying in my van awaiting the start of a David Crosby concert in Courtenay, BC. MusicFest is a 4 day music festival here, and the talent this year has been amazing! Allison Krauss and Union station were outstanding on Thursday evening, and the jamming after hours in our camp has been incredible. Some musicians/bands I’d love to mention are Morlove (a compilation of Corwin Fox and Miss Emily Brown who are based in BC), Devon Sproule from Virginia(words won’t do her talent justice in my opinion…lyrical guitar folk genius), the violin stylings of Daniel Lapp, and so many others that have inspired me to figure out a way to just get better. They set the bar high and as challenging as it seems, its awesome to experience such quality of character and incredible talent to give me something to shoot for as a musician.

I can’t wait for the next couple weeks and the festival experiences I anticipate. The community of musicians and what there is to learn from each other…its like this awesome band camp that comes together with food and drink and dance, and then dissipates. It’s great that so many musicians play at various festivals, and you end up meeting up again along the road, with more stories and experiences to share. It’s a lifestyle and family that I am just beginning to tap into, and can’t wait for what the future holds.

This week I have shows all over the Comox valley, including a local festival, a farmer’s market, and shows in both Courtenay and Campbell River. Friday night I will be playing some songs with the wonderful band “Tin Town”, a local Courtenay funk band, as well as friend and wonderful human being Tom Walton on bass for a set.  The always incredible Paul Rodgers will be opening, and we’ll also do a few songs together. Following that, I have a show in Victoria before heading to the mainland for the Wild Salmon festival.

After that, it’s home for a Toronto Album release gathering, and I’m so excited to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in ages!!

I also can’t wait to be witness the marriage of my best friend Robyn and her awesome partner Steve!! They have asked me to sing them a song, and I’ll be trying hard to keep it together I’m sure. They just have that kind of relationship that gives you hope about what’s possible when love and friendship and hilarity meet in the middle.

So that brings me to now for the most part. I may post another blog in a week or so to get a bit more specific with stories and reports of inspiring characters, so if you’re interested check back. Thanks for your interest in my journey! I know I love reading about the happenings of others, so let me know if you have a blog that I don’t know about!

Lots of love and hope everyone is having a beautiful summer.

See you soon,


Let the blogging begin :)

As some of you may have caught on, I’ve decided to fully live out a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl singing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror. In July, I will be making music my full-time profession, passion, and focus. Just got to the point where I realized, “if not now, when?” So I thank you for reading this, and for being interested in my life enough to do so (or just bored at work, and hey I’ll take that too! 🙂

This blog will be a chance for me to reflect on what I learn as I put myself out there musically, and the sharing is just part of it all. Where is the meaning in a life without sharing? 🙂

It’s funny to look back on the evolution of this dream and realize that every moment was a step in this direction. My grade 5 performance in the production “Oliver Twist” (I was orphan # 3 I believe), learning my first 3 guitar chords at 13,  locking myself away in the basement with my Jewel CDs, guitar, and karaoke machine. Singing “stairway to heaven” as my first live – audience performance with my grade 10 guitar class, teenaged talent shows all over the GTA, recording less than polished music with my cousin Chad and calling them EPs, years and years of cover songs and noisy bars with Rob, JP, Mahones, Rach, and O’Dork (where is that guy these days anyway?!).  Singing for friends and family as they walked down the aisle or danced their first dances, and so many campfires and living room jams. And of course, years and years behind closed doors, hermitting with my guitar and writing whatever came up, forming sentences, finding chord flow, and formulating it all in attempt at capturing a feeling, and conveying something more than likely beyond words. The combination of focus, chaos, sidetracks, intensity, self-doubt, hilarity, and absolute goofiness that one experiences along the way, And one day all of a sudden, we just feel strong enough to proclaim ourselves artists…I am starting to feel that day may only come when we have moved beyond ourselves enough to see that it’s all art. And nothing, surely, is ever that serious.  And yet it feels so real when it does. And that’s why we sing.

So, I’m moving back into my Van at the start of July, and driving across the country with my first full-length album entitled “To the stars we’ll return” (available June 30th, 2011,  @ www., and I’ll be satisfying this musical gypsy soul by playing three shows a week between Tofino, BC and St. John’s, Newfoundland. And then, once I’ve crossed this gigantic, beautiful country from coast to coast, spending time with family and friends along the way, I’m going to turn around. And drive back through the US singing until I reach California. And I probably won’t stop there. Unless I’m tired. And then, hey. I’m in California. So I’ll just stop and smile and breathe for a while.

This tour for me will be about a lot of things. I’ve been accused of being a dreamer; unrealistic and idealistic, and often downright crazy. For me life is a chance to be colourful and imaginative, and I just can’t shake this feeling that anything is possible if I just believe. So I guess that’s what this tour represents. That idealism does not have to die with adolescence nor does it need to look one certain way. We all have dreams. So off I go. To live these crazy dreams and to see what I can see.  Maybe reach out and touch a few people with the messages that I sing about, learn some things, strike up conversation about life choices, world views, and what it’s all about for each of us. Make a few people uncomfortable, and a few more extremely happy that there is another soul out there believing in the endless possibilities. To live whimsically like the Piscean I am, yet grounded like the papa’s girl I’ll always be.

I’ll keep this blog updated, and try to strike a balance between fairy-talesque writings and actual, “down-to-earth” happenings.  And I hope to see your faces at some of my shows! I wish you all the very best, and will keep you updated if you so wish to follow this adventure 🙂

Thanking you again for your support,