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‘In Between’ (Dec, 2012)

Now heard on over 35 Canadian and US stations and roots shows and debuting at #4 on the Top 200, CHMR 93.5 St. John’s, NFLD, here’s what the Press is saying about “To the Stars…”

‘To the Stars We’ll Return’, July 2011

“I thoroughly enjoyed this album… It’s real and down to earth, which is becoming a very rare quality in the music industry. I can’t wait to hear more from this girl.”

“…an auspicious debut….a strong
lyricist in a county, folk and pop vein with a pleasant and pleasing voice.”
THE RECORD/Kitchener/Waterloo, ON

“There are strong social, philosophical and environmental messages in her songs, but they are always framed in musically interesting and welcoming settings…. A very good album and Atlantic Seabreeze gives this CD top ratings on its rating list.”

“an ambitious, pleasant sounding debut, a disc with more depth and soul than I was expecting- a delightful surprise.”


“Cunningham’s music is tranquil and soothing with a regional feeling for
folk/country forms, reminiscent of the BC 70s folk heyday …Her voice has a calming effect reminiscent of
Jewel around the edges….To the Stars We’ll Return are enhanced by the atmospheric character of Cunningham’s melodic songs. Sincerity and depth shine through her songs and bring obvious subject matter new believability.”

“Produced by Corwin Fox (Scott Dunbar, Miss Emily Brown), his deft production style has given these simple folk treatments a dramatic flair that also gives weight to Cunningham’s wide-eyed poetry.
But, without solid songs, Fox wouldn’t have anything to craft around and at the very heart of this project is Cunningham’s heart-to-heart writing style that is so easy to identify with.”

“Amy Cunningham’s To The Stars We’ll Return is a really good singer/songwriter collection of country/folk tunes that I’m sure you’d enjoy. A really fresh sound.”
Roxanne Delage/SEAWAY NEWS (Cornwall, ON)


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